With a strong interest in materials and catalysis, the Lo group has been focussing on the fundamental aspects of zeolitic and MOF materials and their catalytic applications. We employ a new structural methodology in using state-of-the-art synchrotron X-ray facility that can:
(i) directly visualised how reactant molecules behave and interact with zeolite catalysts,
(ii) elucidated the ammonia desorption processes from zeolites,
(iii) revealed the reaction mechanisms of existing industrial catalysis processes,
(iv) explained the reaction kinetics of new catalysis reactions, and
(v) designed and engineered a novel enzyme-mimic inorganic system.

These novel perspectives can certainly provide some critical information to many unanswered questions in catalysis, which is anticipated to create striking impacts within the science community and industry.

In collaboration with world-leading synchrotron facilities and universities…

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