Principal Investigator, LO Tsz Woon Benedict 勞子桓
DPhil (Oxon), Supervisor: Prof Shik-chi Edman Tsang
MChem (Hons), St John’s College, University of Oxford

3rd Year PhD student, XUE Qi 薛齊

I’m Qi, the third year PhD student. My research is about single sites and single atoms in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). I’m good at hand drawing and electronic painting. I also like fitness training during the free time.

2nd Year PhD student, CHEN Tianxiang 陳天翔

I am Selwin, the second year PhD student. I am working on the precise synthesis and characterization of metal nanoclusters on zeolites.

1st Year PhD Student, ZHANG Hao 張浩

1st Year MPhil students, WUN Ching Kit, Tommy 尹證傑

Student Helper
ZHANG Zixuan 張梓軒

Student Helper
Yim Cheuk Ki 嚴婥淇

Friendly working partners 🙂
Dr MAN Steven 文浩榮

ZHANG Sara 張弦笛

Former members

XING Youdong, 刑友東, 19-20 Research Assistant (now in AP, PolyU for DPhil study)

CHAN Ka Hin, Billy 陳嘉軒, 19-20 FYP student (Now in ABCT, PolyU for MPhil Study)

LEUNG Leo 梁鈞智, 18-19 Research Assistant (from UCL/HKU, now in Oxford for DPhil study)

NG Bryan 吳杰儒, 18 Summer student helper (from Oxford)

LEE Duncan 李胤愷, 18 Summer student helper (from Nottingham)